Enjoy my delivery service with myGDEX

I'm pretty sure that all of you are aware of a courier service in Malaysia known as GDEX. I always have my parcels with GDEX and I love their service with own delivery network. However, do you know that they actually have their online shipping platform called myGDEX?

Eliminating the hassle of travelling around just to send or receive parcels, myGDEX aimed to create a user-friendly and hassle-free shipping environment by providing pick-up shipments for customers even at your doorstep! Shippers can now conveniently create their own consignment note anywhere and anytime online without the need of manually filling up consignment notes and at the same time, lodge-in their shipments in any GDEX branches, lodge-in centres and drop-off points.

I personally found that it is a user-friendly online portal. After logging in, all the services are clearly presented on the left side of the platform. By clicking the "Send Package" on the menu, you can choose either to single or multiple recipients. The details of sender and recipients can be then filled in accordingly.

What I love the most is that they thoughtfully provide both lodge-in and pick-up service for their customers. There is a wide network list for lodge-in so I don't think it is a problem for most of the people. However, if you opt for Pick-up service, it is just an extra RM 5 and you can even choose your own pick-up time and transportation. Thumbs up for this great service!

After filling in all the details, proceed with payment by clicking "Checkout Now"

Oh ya, not forgetting to mention that you can ease your packing process by purchasing GDEX supplies or products such as flyers or stickers if needed. I was amazed by it because I can easily get anything I want with just a touch of the finger.

For the payment, you may choose to pay via iPay88 or e-Wallet. By signing up and topping up using e-Wallet, GDEX provides attractive reward system to members such as free credit, free flyers, free pick-up arrangement and discounts. If you are a regular user, I would highly recommend you to go for e-wallet system as it is really worth!

More and more benefits & discounts!!!

After printing out your consignment note and invoice, you can now lodge-in your parcel to their nearest outlets or wait for the courier to pick-up. Everything was just as easy as ABC, am I right? In the meantime, you can track your shipment and get the latest status online by clicking the "Tools" on the menu. To check your shipment history, simply go to “Shipment”. Understanding that people nowadays are busy and may not manage to be at home all the time, GDEX offers two delivery attempts for each shipment. Customers can schedule their next delivery attempt once they receive the Sorry Card.

To know more about myGDEX service, you can reach them through multiple channels:
a) Customer service hotline at 03 - 6419 5003 or;
b) Email at mygdexadmin@gdexpress.com or;
c) Follow GDEX on Facebook and Twitter.