First Impression: Kate Slim Create Powder

Happy CNY everyone! On the eighth day of CNY 2018, how you guys doing? Either you have resume back to your normal lifestyle or you are still celebrating the festival with all those food and CNY activities, have you realised that your face is getting bigger and rounder after the non-stop eating life during CNY? If you are, perhaps you need contouring to get back your slim face 😂

This year, I had my first try on Kate Slim Create Powder, which is a face powder set with shading powder & a highlighter that provide light/shadow contrast to sharply contour and sculpt the face. This is my first time having this contouring set so today I am going to share with you my first impression of this product: Kate Slim Create Powder.

Generally, Kate Slim Create Powder comes in two shades, EX-1 (natural type) and EX-2 (glow type). I got myself with the shade EX-1 because I prefer natural and light makeup. EX-1 can provide me with natural but tighter looking contoured face.

I personally feel that the product is convenient and easy to use. In term of its packaging, it is tiny and thus it is easy to bring around. Most importantly, a flat natural horsehair brush is provided so it helps to eliminate the hassle of bringing different brushes and powders especially when you are travelling. With just this small square set of powder, you can contour your face in a convenient way.

Swatches of the highlighter and shading powder. 

I really LOVE the highlighter because it gives a very natural glow on my skin but at the same time, it will not enlarge my skin pores! I usually apply the highlighter to my cheekbone, browbone as well as the bridge of the nose. It helps to enhance my facial features, making it more 3D. The effect is so natural in the way that people might not able to notice that you had applied anything to your face! However, for the shading powder, since I chose the EX-1 which is the natural type of contouring powder, I can't really see the effect of shading after applying it. Therefore, EX-1 is more suitable for those with very light and natural makeup.

As overall, I like this product because I am more towards a light, simple and natural makeup. The brush is soft and it is easy for you to create the shade and highlight on the particular part on your face. Recommend for those that looking for a travel-size contouring powder with a natural effect. 



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