Gogigo Korean Bbq & Steamboat Buffet @Mount Austin, Johor

Calling all the Korean food lovers! You will definitely interested in this food post as I'm going to share with you all a restaurant that served authentic Korean Bbq and steamboat that you will never want to miss out! If you read my post before, you will know that I am actually a die-hard fan of Korean food and I never get bored of them! Therefore, I was happy to have the chance to pay a visit to Gogigo Korean Bbq & Steamboat Buffet at Mount Austin, Johor.

The main entrance.

The list of prices for the Korean BBQ buffet and steamboat. The standard price for an adult is RM29 which means that you can eat all you can with that fixed price. Quite worth it right! What's more exciting was that we got a birthday woman on that so here we go the FOC for the birthday person.

 A sneak peak of the interior environment of Gogigo Korean Bbq. It was quite spacious as you can see in the photo. However, I found that the air circulation inside was quite poor which made me feel hot. However, I understand that it is unavoidable especially when there is a hot sizzling pan and steamboat on each table.

It was so crowded during dinner time but luckily we get seated right after we reached there.

For your information, Gogigo Korean Bbq & Steamboat Buffet serves an unlimited supply of home-style Korean foods which are really fresh and irresistible. They provided a sizzling pan and a steamboat for us as shown in the photo below.

 Kimchi soup with bean sprouts is the best combination! My favourite of the day!

Let see what type of food they provided there!

The Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry aka Jap-Chae is a must try dish here!  It has a balanced sweet and savoury flavour, bouncy noodle texture and crunchy vegetable texture which makes me couldn't stop myself from eating them bowl by bowl! 

Oh no~ They provided so many types of fresh marinated pork and chicken there! However, I can't find any fish fillet which was quite disappointing for a fish lover like me 😐. They used to provide fish before that and I'm not sure since when they stop providing it. Hope that it was just out of stock on that day.

 The fresh vegetables, mushroom, processed meat and some kinds of seafood.

Their side dishes were really tasty I can swear. The best part of here was that they will continue to serve different types of side dishes throughout the operating hours so you can enjoy all the hot and freshly-made side dishes there.

 Another batch of side dishes. See how exquisite all the side dishes are!

Of course, unlimited supply of ice cream and juices! 

To me, the price was reasonable and the food was good. A good place for friends and family's gathering especially during special occasions. Will definitely come again for the next time!

Gogigo Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet
Operating Hours: 1730-2330 (Mon-Fri)
                           : 1630-2330 (Sat-Sun)