Hostel Tour 2: Aman Damai K06 USM

Hi all! Welcome to my another episode of Hostel Tour in USM! Okay, some of you might be wondering why I'm not staying at Restu anymore as I used to stay there for the past three years. (Click here for the link: Hostel Tour: Restu M02 USM ). Actually, all the students are supposed to stay in the same hostel throughout their degree life unless there are some reasons like the student does not fulfil the hostel minimum MyCSD requirement but usually, the outcomes will just either:

1) You get the same hostel OR;
2) You failed to get any hostel so you have to stay outside the campus area. 

So for my case, I was transferred from Restu to Aman Damai for this year because some of the hostels in USM are under renovation. We as the final year students who will later be struggling for our final year project will have the priority to stay inside the campus. For these reasons, I was assigned to Aman Damai where the location is much more nearer to my school and kuliah as compared with Restu M02. So, let's begin with my hostel tour 2 at Aman Damai K06!

The view from Aman Damai K06. If you see clearly, the building at the right side is the cafe aka canteen for this hostel.

The overall layout of the room. I was suffered from culture shock at the moment I entered the room because I used to stay in the room of Restu which was much more bigger and spacious! Room's air circulation is quite poor as well because the window is the way too small. However, the price of a room in Aman Damai is the cheapest in USM which costs only RM300++ per semester while the hostel fee for Restu is RM500+. So it's fair enough la because you get what you paid right.

The study table with cabinet set. Another culture shock again because the study table in Restu is L-shaped with sufficient storage space. But ok la I will control myself from stop comparing them. ><

One thing I like the most is the wardrobe. It is huge and tall where I can put whatever luggage inside. However, it has an odd smell out of the wood furniture which took me some time to eliminate it.

The bed is quite clean too! At least it is not black in colour hehe.

The corridor.

Pantry room.

I'm staying on the ground floor and here goes to the only water dispenser there. It is so dirty and out of my acceptable level. I will usually go to another floor where the water dispenser there is much more hygienic. (Refer to the next photo)

Water dispenser of the second floor. It is equipped with hot & cold drinking water and it is FOC haha.

 Two washing machines for each floor and of course, you have to pay for that. 

I lazy to walk forward but yup the clothes drying area is in front there.

I didn't manage to take a photo of the toilet because it is a public-sharing toilet and I think that it's quite inconvenient for me to take photos of it. But basically, the toilet is quite clean and sufficient enough for one row of residents. However, one thing to remind you all is that no hook is provided in the bathroom so it's better to prepare the S-shaped hooks for your own convenience. 

That's all for the hostel tour of Aman Damai K06 USM. Hope that I won't be shifted to another hostel anymore because it is a hassle for me to move my luggage here and there. If you have any questions about it, feel free to leave a comment below before I'm graduate!