Places to visit in Taichung 1: 台中彩虹眷村 | Rainbow Village

Hi all, I'm here for my travel post again! Actually, I wanted to write this post since I was back from Taiwan so that I can keep them as memories. But as you all know, travel posts can be a hassle because it usually resulted in a long and informative essay which requires the writer to put more efforts and time on it, so I keep procrastinating until now haha! (One month after the trip wasn't that bad right -.-) 

Okay before I get lazy & make this post into the draft post (which I usually did haha!), let me share about places that I visited during my trip in Taichung, Taiwan. My Taiwan trip was quite short where it was only 6D5N, so I can't really visit many places in Taichung as I will only stay in Taichung for two days, and the rest was in Taipei. Things went worst when the weather was not on our side. It was thunderstorm since we arrived at Taoyuan International Airport, and we actually looked like drowned rat most of the time due to the downpour and storm. The suffering part for the self-guided trip was that we even had to carry the luggage ourselves regardless the heavy rain or scorching sun. However, we still managed to visit 90% of the places which we planned to go before that. So, here goes to some places I visited during my trip in Taichung!

a) 台中彩虹眷村 (Rainbow Village)

Location: 408, Taiwan, Taichung City, Nantun District, 春安路56巷
Operating Hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm

  Rainbow Village aka 彩虹眷村, a colourful place where I think most of you are familiar with since it is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Taichung, Taiwan.  To make it short and simple, I will skip all those history for the rainbow village as I think you guys can just search it on the internet.

Look at the cloudy sky, we were so worried that the rain will come again (Oh no pls don't! Touch wood and pray hard) 

Now you understand why we were so anxious with the weather, YESHHHH all the luggage was with us because we will proceed to another hotel after this. (I still can remember the muscles pain argh)

Neither public holiday nor school holiday but it was quite crowded at the time we went there. Not sure we were taking photos of tourists or the building haha.

Too many people queueing to take photos at the front, so here you go the side photo of the rainbow village. 

The colourful details.

For your information, there was actually a small entrance that enables us to enter the building. Going inside, colourful handmade-crafts and souvenirs were available for tourists to pick and purchase. Unfortunately, we were squashed with each other like sardines at that time so no photos for the little space. -.-

But I still managed to capture a photo of this cute umbrella! I think it was also selling there but I'm not sure how much.

How we went there?

From Taichung Railway Station (台中火車站), take the bus 27 (嶺東科大路線 $35) until you reach 干城六村, follow the signboard (we saw a signboard "干城六村,彩虹眷村” there), pass by the Ling Tung University嶺東科技大学, walk straight towards the end and you will see rainbow village at your right side. We were quite lucky as we saw a girl who looked like a tourist from somewhere was walking in the same direction as us. We assumed that she was of the same destination with us so we just followed her whenever we confused with the direction. And yup so here goes to the reason we reached that place smoothly and easily haha.

Omg now only I realised I had written so much for just one visited spot. I think I should divide my post into few parts to prevent it becomes a long essay which will be difficult for you all to refer to. Will continue with the upcoming post regarding places that I visited in Taichung. Well, that's all for my experience in the rainbow village and stay tuned for the next post okay!