Wednesday, 19 July 2017

卡樂町旅店 ColorMix Hotel & Hostel @ Taipei, Taiwan

Hi everyone I'm back from my vacation at Taiwan! The weather was quite unpredictable where there was thunderstorm at the first two days we stayed at Taichung and then it changed to tremendously sunny hot and humid day for the rest of the days at Taipei. So I look like a walking charcoal now as the schedule had been really rushing and tiring which made me really lazy to spare extra time for the skincare and makeup procedure hahaha! Hmmm but overall, it was a fun + exciting trip and perhaps I will share my experience in Taiwan in the future so stay tuned! Back to the topic, the purpose of this post is to share with you guys the hostel that I stayed in Ximending, Taipei for 4 nights which I would highly recommend to anyone that is planning travel to Taipei.

We had been searching for a hotel which is convenient and affordable since we started planning for the Taiwan trip. As this is a self-guided trip for four of us, we focused on a hotel that is near to MRT station because our main transport in Taipei will be MRT (捷运). Finally, we booked the 卡樂町旅店 ColorMix Hotel & Hostel at at a very reasonable price. The details for our booking is as shown below:

  • Hotel:                   卡樂町旅店 ColorMix Hotel & Hostel
  • Location               No.22, Ln. 55, Neijiang St., Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan, 10845
  • Room type:           Family 2 Double Bed (Max 4 adults)
  • Price:                    RM273 per night (for 4 adults)
  • Check-in from:     03:00 PM
  • Check-out until:   11:30 AM

The main door for the hotel.  It is a warmth and cosy hotel which make you feel like at home. The service counter is operated at 24 hours basis so you can contact the staffs whenever you have any enquiry regarding the service and accommodation. 

 The staffs were kind and helpful. They even provide their own brochures for us regarding what is the must-eat and must-visit places nearby.

The computer is provided at the main building so tourists like us can transfer our photos there.  

For your information, all the single room is located in the same building of the service counter but our room is located at another building with walking distance from the main counter. I was quite worried before that because many reviews and comments from websites claiming that their rooms were too far from the main counter. But everything was good for mine as the distance was just "few stones away" from the main counter. You might not see clearly from the photo, but the building is just opposite the 切仔面 & 自动洗衣. So I don't feel any problem with the distance and so on.

Spot the 切仔面 & 自动洗衣 signboard! Our room was just opposite there.

Overview of the room! Quite spacious as compared to what I thought of😀😀😀 

The bathroom 💗 Toiletries such as toilet paper, shampoo, body shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and towel were provided. However, from what we experienced, they won't automatically refill all the toiletries even though you requested for room-cleaning on the next day. However, the staffs were so polite and willing to refill for us after we reflected the issue at their counter. So if you stay at the hotel for many days and you think that it is necessary to change your towels and refill all those toiletries every day, you can remind to the staffs at service counter first before going out for travelling.

They also provide coffee powders, mineral water (which is in the refrigerator), and hair dryer. For the drinking water, you can either boil yourself by using the kettle provided or refill at the main counter. 

Oh ya, not forgetting to mention that the strength of WIFI is really strong enough for me to update my social media and we were even able to watch Youtube video smoothly. Thumbs up for this! 👍👍Besides, if you need weighing balance for your luggage, you can request at the counter as well but since they got only one, it's better that you inform them earlier so that they can arrange for you. 

The location is really strategic and it's so easy to find. There are a lot of street food and shopping areas like COSMED (康是美), 7-11 convenient shop, and many more. In case you scared that you will be lost while searching for the hotel, here is some guides for you.

///When you reach Ximen 【西門】MRT station, follow the exit 1 【出口1】and you will reach the town. Then, follow the chengdu road【成都路】straight ahead until you pass by 上海老天祿, continue to walk straight until chengdu road 62【成都路62號】, turn left to Neijiang Street and you will see the signboard of the hotel. // Believe me, everything is as easy as ABC!

Ok, that's all for my good experience at ColorMix Hotel. Hope it would be helpful for anyone that is looking for a hotel in Taipei. ✌


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