BEAUTY TALK 3D Refining Day Cream

I believe most of you are aware that Beauty Talk is a popular brand in Taiwan and Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream is one of their hot-selling beauty products. It is well-known as its function as advanced 3D Makeup, Whitening and Purifying Skincare.

This product is also known as multi-function skin care and makeup product because it is designed as a makeup nourishing cream base with antioxidant and sun protection. In another word, I can just apply this awesome product as my daily sunblock and nourishing cream! It's so convenient for busy people nowadays who does not have extra time to apply their skin care products layer by layer every day. 

What I like this product the most is that this product can be a foundation or makeup base as well due to the 3D optical effect design. If you are a person who does not like heavy makeup and prefers the natural look on your skin, I'm sure that 3D Refining Day Cream will definitely suitable for you. The cream is incorporated with natural luminous powders which will give your skin a natural concealing and brightening effect. In another word, it will enhance your skin complexion and you will still look radiant and glow without applying any foundation on your face! However, if you want to cover your pimples or dark spots with this bottle of cream, it might not a good choice because the strength of coverage is low which can only naturally correct your skin tone to a brighter one.

As you can see from the photo above, the cream is quite smooth and easy to spread on the skin. You will not feel any stickiness or oiliness after applying it.

See, my skin is brighter now although you might not able to see clearly in the photo. The cream is readily absorbed into my skin to give my skin an instant moisturising effect. My skin is so smooth after applying the cream!

For your information, Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream which worth RM150 (30ml) is suitable for all skin type. If you want a more obvious 3D effect on your T-zone area, you can apply more on that particular area. However, since it provides natural glowing effect on your skin due to the presence of luminous powder, it will give extra shine to those with an oily face. However, it's perfectly fine for me because the shine is really natural and it makes me look healthier.  

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