Water 360 by Watsons Mineral Spring Pre-Essence

I believe that everyone is familiar with Watsons which is a leading beauty retailer in Malaysia. They always come out with products that are good in quality with reasonable price which really attracts me! To me, the most satisfying skin care product range by Watsons will be the Water360º which is specially formulated with pure, nutrient-enriched natural spring water. Generally, Water360º by Watsons product range includes cleansing toner, cleansing mousse, facial lotion, pre-essence hydrating mask, soothing spray and their hero product Mineral Spring Water Drop Hydrating Sleeping Mask and today, I would like to share my experience with Water 360 by Watsons Mineral Spring Pre-Essence which really improve my skin condition.

Water 360 by Watsons Mineral Spring Pre-Essence (30ml) is enriched with water-soluble collagen, elastin and vegetable protein. It is sold as RM52.90 at any Watsons stores. The price is reasonable for me as I had been using it for 6 months but there are still 50% of it. 

It comes along with a dropper so that you can control the amount you wanted to use. I usually apply one to two drops for my entire face and neck.The dropper is definitely an add-on advantage to us because it is so convenient for us to adjust the amount that we need to apply.

Water 360 by Watsons Mineral Spring Pre-Essence is rich in natural minerals and micro-nutrients, thermal spring water that replenishes the skins’ natural moisture and strengthens its resistance to external damage. In another word, it is able to moisturise your skin and keep your skin hydrated for the whole day while at the same time, protect your skin against the external environment. Honestly, my skin looks young and radiant with this magic water!

I usually apply it after cleansing my face and before I proceed to the skin care procedures like essence, moisturiser, sunblock and so on. As it is a water-based product, it is non-sticky and readily absorbs into my skin within few seconds! Besides, it improves the further absorption of my skin care products and balances the water and oil level in my skin. I am a person with combination skin where my T-zone area is easy to get oily after a long day out. However, this product really improves my skin condition by balancing the hydro-oil level of my skin.

Look, it is colourless and quite watery when applying on skin. Due to this reason, it will not add an extra burden to my skin compared to some thick and sticky essences.

After spreading it on my skin. The essence absorbs into my skin in the nick of time. As you can see from the photo, my skin looks brighter and hydrated now! It produces a mild odour that essentially smells like spring water (perhaps due to the ingredients) and I'm comfortable with it. Thumbs up for this product and I think I will try more products on Water360º!