Silkygirl Moisture Smooth Lip Colour

Silkygirl has been my favourite brand since young as its products always provide me with the desired result that I expected of. By luck or by chance, I get to try on my first Silkygirl Moisture Smooth Lip Colour and seriously the effect never disappointing me. I would highly recommend to those who are looking for a lipstick with high quality and affordable price.

 Shade: 07 Sunny Rose

Silkygirl Smooth Lip Color is enriched with Licorice Oil and Pearl Powder and these superb ingredients will give glittering and shiny effect on your lips. Most importantly, it is fragrance-free and carmine free! I believe that for those that does not like the strong fragrance on makeup products, this odourless lipstick will definitely your cup of tea. There is no comment regarding the packaging as it is just simple and easy to carry around.

Let's see how the shade looks like when applied on skin:

Obviously, you can see the shine reflection on the skin due to the moisturising effect from the lipstick. It is comfortable to wear where you will not face the difficulties in spreading it on your lips as the lipstick has a very smooth and creamy texture but yet it will not "over-soft" until the lipstick can be easily damaged under forces. Basically, the lipstick has good coverage with the intense and long-lasting colour on lips. The intensity of colour might decrease after some period of time but your lip colour will still look healthy and hydrated after the whole day of outing.

There is a total of 10 shades for this series of lip colour:

01- Light Brown
02- Sweet Berry
03- Simple Pink
04- Hot Pink
05- Dark Brown
06- Juicy Pink
07- Sunny Rose
08- Warm Brown
09- Sugar Palm
10- Pretty Wine

Let's choose one for yourself now :) 
More information available on Silkygirl Moisture Smooth Lip Colour.