Ipoh Day Trip 怡保一日游 (Must eat must visit!)

September is my favourite month of this year because almost all the holidays are within this month and more exciting is that all the holidays are continuous! (Fri-Sat-Sun / Sat-Sun-Mon) This is really a great news for students like us as WE NEED HOLIDAY SO MUCHHHH! Another good side was that my study schedule is more relaxing this year so I have more time to do things I love such as blogging hehehe.

A few weeks ago which was another 3-days holidays to us, all the assignments homework projects reports were submitted and we got nothing to do in the hostel. So we came out with the idea to have a random day trip to Ipoh, which will require around 2 hours to reach by taking bus/train.

Departed from Butterworth Train Station, we reached Ipoh Train Station at around 9 am. Perhaps due to the early morning time, the train was empty which was perfect for us to take enough photos.

The beautiful heritage of Ipoh Railway Station.

To me, it looks like a palace rather than a railway station hahaha!

Enjoyed our first meal in Ipoh at Nam Heong Coffee Shop. Ordered their signature white coffee, caramel pudding and chee cheong fun. Thumbs up for everything as all of them are cheap and delicious! However, as compared with the caramel pudding from Restoran Thean Chun (天津饮冰室), caramel pudding from Thean Chun will get a WIN because it has stronger caramel flavour and the pudding is smoother.

  As a result of too hungry, we continued filling our stomach with Curry Mee and Shredded Chicken Hor Fun 鸡丝河粉. Craving satisfied and I can feel the food reached my oesophagus already haha! Too full arghh!

Continued with our exploration to Concubine Lane 怡保二奶巷. The street was well-decorated and it was so crowded.

 Every corner was photogenic enough for a great shot!

 I can't take a proper photo because there were too many ppl passing by😑

 Not sure where was it, was taken on the way to Ipoh New Town 怡保新街场.

 The mural deserved a selfie.

Same goes to this artistic wall HAHAHAHA

Next station: 怡保华治纪念钟楼 Birch Memorial Clock Tower

We just spent half an hour here for some photo-shooting haha. Must-visit spot in Ipoh what 😃

Nearly suffered from heat stroke due to the scorching sun. Luckily Funny Mountain Soya Bean怡保奇峰豆花 saved our lives! 

 This was a heaven for us! I personally prefer soymilk over the bean curd. But both were nice and worth a try!

Perfect for summer.

What is Ipoh without Bean Sprouts Chicken芽菜鸡? Visiting Ipoh without eating 芽菜鸡 is definitely a NO for me as I love them so much since I was young. Undoubtedly, this is a must-try dish in Ipoh so even though we were still quite full at that time, we still tried it haha. Was thinking to go 老黄芽菜鸡 first but it was so crowded and no seat available for 4 of us, so we went to 安记芽菜鸡 which was just opposite to it.

Never tried 安记芽菜鸡 before because 老黄芽菜鸡 is always the first choice for my family. However, I found the chicken here was good as well! 

 Look at our faces and you will know how tasty the food was.

Was extremely exhausted due to the hot weather and long walking distance (we walked throughout the whole trip without taking any transport!), so we spent the rest of the time by jalan-jalan in the shopping mall, chit-chatting and then went back to Penang by taking bus. Definitely a good and unforgettable experience for four of us and hope for the next trip in the future!