Halloween Makeup 2016

Finally, my long awaiting semester break is coming! This semester is much more relaxed compared to last semester, but there are lots of assignment and tests as well, so so so my semester break = study week haizz. But it's fine for me as long as I'm able to stay at my beloved home because I can only get full rest at home (no need to think of what to eat all the time is the best thing for me) 😍

Ok well back to the topic, even though I was extremely busy during this one week holiday, I still can't avoid myself from some photo shootings. Since Halloween is around the corner, so we were thinking to have some Halloween photo shooting which we had never done before. Sound interesting right, let's see how we make the session successfully >>

To be frankly, we have no idea on how to do a creepy & scary makeup as this is not what we usually do. So we just put anything on our face as long as it looks scary (Believe me, no technique required for the Halloween makeup here! Haha)

Choose the whitest makeup base with superb coverage and apply on your face. For the eyes, I did it based on my creativity so you can see different messy colours and layers on them. But if you want a step-by-step makeup tutorial, mine one wasn't suitable for you as I just apply anything available from my makeup box. Perhaps you can search for a Halloween makeup tutorial from youtube to have a more details tutorial (really sorry for that😰)

After applying blushes and lipstick. I think the one before blushes and lipstick is more creepy compared to this haha. But this one has another eerier feel as well.

The completed makeup! (With eyeliners on it) I think it wasn't that bad right although you can clearly see some imperfections over the lip line and also the messy eye makeup look. But this is what we wanted for the Halloween look... right? (Horror, creepy, scary, disgusting, ......)
Hahahahha clap clap👏👏👏

Some photos :) After reviewing those photos, only I realised that OMG I FORGOT TO DO CONTOURING ON MY FACE!!! My face looks so flat and huge here. Okay la let's be the dabaogui (大包鬼💀) then.

 Another dabaogui who also forgot her contouring. Her face is even bigger than mine hahahahahahahaha!😂😂😂 (p/s: This photo is really creepy enough. My favourite!💕 )
Okay last photo. Cannot post too many here because it will scare people away. Oh ya for the attire, just choose any plain dress from your wardrobe, it will perfectly match with your horror makeup!

Happy Halloween everyone 👻
**Continue my study session 😓 **