Hostel Tour: Restu M02 USM

Time flies and it's already August!!! Next month will be the third year for my degree and recently, many juniors have been asking me regarding the hostel in my university which is USM in Penang if you're not aware of it. So I was thinking that why not I just write a post regarding the hostel that I'm staying so that it can benefit not only friends around me but also anyone who is going to enter this university.

Okay, so I was assigned to Restu M02 during my first year in USM. We usually called our hostel as RST as there are three hostels (Restu, Saujana, and Tekun) which are uniquely located outside USM but it's still considered area within USM (hard to explain but I think you will get what I mean after you enter the university). To make it simple, RST which including my hostel Restu are hostels with beautiful scenery due to its location at high hills and it is far away from most of the schools and kuliah except examination halls. You can only reach your school either by taking USM bus or walking (around 20 minutes for the nearest kuliah) or driving if you own a car. Believe me, you will definitely fit and slim throughout your degree life if you're staying here.

On the way to Restu M02. I didn't cheat you right IT HAS REALLY NICE SCENERY hahaha!

 From RST,  you can reach shops outside with walking distance.

Restaurants, clinic, photostat shop, 7-11 convenient shop are available outside RST.

This is what I mean by "an area outside USM but it's still considered within USM". This is the only overhead-bridge that connect USM to RST. It's also the only pathway for students to walk to respective school unless you drive.
Another reason why you are a lucky kid for staying here: Escalator!!! Restu M02 has a total of 10 floors for the whole building. It has 5 floors to be exact because they divided each floor into two layers, making each space to have two floors. 

Overview of the room. It is really spacious compared to other hostels! Must appreciate okayyy.
(p/s: Forgive me for the low-quality photo. My room is currently the way too messy so to protect my image, I used the room photo I took during my first year. Haha)

You can enjoy a good view from the window as well. The higher the floor the nicer the view.

The corridor. Four rooms (eight people) in a cube will share the same toilet and bathroom.

Public-sharing clothes hanging area.

Forgot to take photos of the pantry and I lazy to laze around for capturing photos again haha. I will just briefly explain the amenities in pantry where there will be a water dispenser for you to get your hot or cold water but sadly the water dispenser for each floor was out of service since I was in year 2 till now >< However, you can still get hot water there so I will usually use my kettle to collect the hot water for drinking purpose. Other than that, washing machine and dryer machine are available on each floor as well but of course you have to pay for that. 

That's all for my hostel tour and hope everyone will enjoy reading this!



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