24-25/6/2014 -- 2D1N Batam trip

Hello I'm back from Indonesia!

Since all the girls are on holidays now, so we decided to have a simple trip before we enter Uni (stay at home for almost 6 months are extremely boring ><! ). After doing some researches, all of us agreed to go Pulau Batam which is located in Indonesia and it will take around 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry.

 Yaya here we go!!!! While waiting for the ferry at harbourfront ferry terminal, Singapore.   

In the ferry. Tv service is provided so you won't feel bored at all.

Since it's week day so not as crowded as I thought. Once we reached, the tour guide brought us to visit around. // boring section omg //  He brought us to a chocolate factory, birdnest shop, the Buddhist temple which is quite famous in Pulau Batam and also introduced us the well-known layer cakes (but not my cup of tea as it's the way too sweet :\) Here are some of the photos:
The temple 

So random lol

After all those visitings the tour guide brought us for a traditional massage. Since we didn't take the package (we bought the ticket of Batam from deal sg which included the ferry fees, lunch, breakfast, accommodation as well as the transport from the ferry terminal to our hotel), so we just shopped around before we checked in the room.

Our lunch: Indonesia buffet (also included in the deal packages)

The exciting part >> Finally get our room keys and I'm really satisfied with the environment of the hotel.
Sadly no photo for this section :( I don't know where did I save but you can get more information on the hotel at  Harmoni One Convention Hotel & Service Apartments.

After that, we spent our leisure time to a nearby shopping mall known as megamall to walk around.
  Dinner time! 

Indonesia dinner set which cost us around $15 for four people. Considered cheap for me because the food and environment are worth the price. The rest of the time after dinner we just walked around the hotel, exercise in the gym centre and swimming.

In the gym centre

We bought it because we want to spend all of our rupiah ><

The second day.
Breakfast at bamboe which is inside the harmoni one hotel. 

Really nice I eat non-stop.

Then we spent our precious time inside hotel also before left. Lunch also in the hotel:
But none of us managed to finish up the cup noodles because we are still full due to the morning buffet, ate too much ><

We left Batam at around 12pm, reached Singapore and then headed to Malaysia at 6pm. A simple trip but memorable one :)
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