Since ancient times, women inner strength can only be seen through their roles of giving birth to new life, taking care and protecting their family. But as time passed, women began demonstrating their capabilities in undertaking more responsibilities, raising a family as well as being part of the workforce and contributing to social welfare. As evolution enhanced the confidence level of every woman allowing them to showcase their inner strength, they still recognized the importance of physical beauty and strived to maintain their outer beauty through various means. - Shizens Malaysia.

Below are some of the examples from Shizens.

Contest starts from 2 until 30th April, 2014 

Prizes for both categories:

Entry Form – Photography Enthusiasts
Open to all photography hobbyist who lovesAs a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens will be launching a “STAND FIRM STAY FIRM” photo contest from 2 to 30 April, 2014. Contest is classified into 2 categories, Photography Enthusiasts and Mobile Photography. Participants can submit their best shoots that is strong emotions, human and feminine at or #standfirmstayfirm at Instagram to win prizes worth more than RM18,000. Show us your strength and stand a chance to win loads of attractive prizes! Find out more here:  bringing picture to life! However, there are certain requirements needed for the photos selected for the finals will be printed in large.
Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar)
Minimum image size is: 5MB
Studio photography with lightings are allowed
Click here to submit your photo.

Entry Form – Mobile Photography
Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers! Mobile photography has made huge strides in this modern era and we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers over the years.

1) You are allowed to submit more than one entry.
2) All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter, i.e. to relate to contest themes which are Strong emotions, Human and Feminine.
 & add-on3) Photo-collaging, i.e. putting together several images, text, stickerss to make a single image, will not be accepted.

Must be taken by a smartphone or any other mobile devices.
To take part via Instagram, hashtag #standfirmstayfirm on your photo

You may also submit your photos via this website.